Sabatier Expandable Dish Rack With Stemware Rack for $ 32.99

About the product:

  • RUST-RESISTANT WIRES: Soft touch coated wires are rust-resistant for long lasting use. The wires protect dinnerware and enamel cookware from chipping; keeps items in place while drying
  • REMOVABLE STEMWARE RACK: Perfect for hanging delicate wine glasses that may not go in the dishwasher; the expandable drain board can be pulled out to collect the water underneath, keeping countertops dry

Item Model Number : 1050202

Costco price: $ 32.99

Price Comparison : $ 78 at Amazon


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7 thoughts on “Sabatier Expandable Dish Rack With Stemware Rack for $ 32.99”

  1. Not good. Stainless or chrome later portions will rust. Stainless used was 400 (magnetic) series which does not have enough corrosion resistance cause rust.

    1. You were so correct. The racks rusting and have damaged my porcelain dishes. They are all stained with the rust from the sabatier’s “stainless steel” dish rack!!! Very frustrated with this item.

  2. I am very disappointed in my Sabatier dish rack. It does rust and almost impossible to clean. I purposely purchased this product because of its claim of rust resistant wire. So not true!! Does anyone have another way to clean this rust resistant rack, I’m ready to throw it out!

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