Farmland Traditions USA Chicken Jerky 3 lb for $ 19.99

About the product:

  • It has two ingredients- chicken and Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Made with 100% USA ingredient.
  • Full muscle protein with no artificial flavor.


Item Model Number : 9486874

Unit price: 6.66 per pound

Costco price: $19.99

Price Comparison: $30.99 in both Amazon and Chewy


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2 thoughts on “Farmland Traditions USA Chicken Jerky 3 lb for $ 19.99”

  1. My dog, an energetic beautiful jet black 60 lb. rescue from San Felipe, Baja, loves these treats. They are super healthy with only two top quality ingredients: chicken breast (clean and pure looking) and vegetable glycerin. The glycerin simply helps keep the chicken soft and moist. We also treat our cats with these. They also love them, and the treats don’t seem to have any impact on their digestion.

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